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              " We don't sell paint jobs as rebuilds like some companies"


The air tuggers below are completely rebuilt the winches were disassembled then inspected for wear and damage. Then any machine work and parts needing replacement are replaced. Now the parts are blasted to the metal and zinc primed. The brake band is relined and the drum brake surface is machined. The winch is ready for assembly to specifications and load tested to 125% of rated capacity as manufacturer requirements. Once given the passed test it goes back to the paint booth and gets a epoxy primer/sealer and finally urethane top coat for color extra protection in the Gulf Of Mexico environment. Safety and operation labels are put on to complete the tugger. This comes with a 90 day warranty in house, same as the OEM rebuilt units.

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                  Ingersoll Rand HUL-40 Skidded or Crated


                               Ingersoll Rand BU7A (1k)  

                                               Ingersoll Rand EU-AB/PT (2k) Pendent Control


Ingersoll Rand FA2.5i MR (5k/3.4)

                                                             Ingersoll Rand FA2B GMR Man Rider (4k)


               Ingersoll Rand FA2 manrider (4.4k)                         Ingersoll Rand FA2B Motor                    



                 Ingersoll Rand K6UL-36 (10k)                                                                Ingersoll Rand K6UL (10k)


                                                                       Ingersoll Rand K6U (10k) 



                                                 Ingersoll Rand FA5A  (10k)


                                                        Ingersoll Rand FA150Gi MR(330lb) Dedicated man-rider


                   Ingersoll Rand HU (2.5k)                                                         Ingersoll Rand K5U (5k)


   Ingersoll Rand FA2.5-ARMK1 (5k) Man Rider                           Ingersoll Rand FA2B-GMR-RMK1G (4k)          


                                                                  Ingersoll Rand K4U (4k)                                            



4ea.  Model: RAM 12 AWF-6100-GL / LOW SPEED Pulling rate 61,049 lbs 1st wrap stall, 18,900 lbs @ 50FPM line  Mid Drum   

HIGH SPEED Pulling rate 17,529 lbs 1st wrap stall, 5,427 lbs @ 176 FPM line Mid Drum