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              General Services Company, LLC


                                     Manufacturer Of Quality Oilfield Products Since 1966 

                        1918 East Main St. New Iberia, La. 70560                                                      

                                  Ph: 337-369-9353     Fax: 337-364-3486    email: 


We are pleased to announce the addition of General Service Company (GSC) to the O'Quinn Companies. GSC was started in a family back yard just like (OEL) was, many years ago. Mr. W.L. Guillory, aka "Curly" the owner of 50 years serviced companies worldwide throughout these years. We will continue to provide our products and services, second to none with quality and attention to detail, with reasonable prices, this is what our customers deserve and expect. Although he is retiring, we are still also fortunate enough to have Curly's expertise and knowledge when needed. Curly, an expert and well known in this industry is a true pioneer of many of these product and designs and also solving many original manufacturer issues over the last half a century to better these products. We also have the vast knowledge of his fabrication experts still here producing our products. We are working on the GSC website so please email or call for any information needed and let us know how we can serve you as we expand our products and services for both companies.                                     


                         Water cooled Brake rims , Brake Bands & Linkage