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OEL also has a rental department for your convenience. If your tool is in need of repair or you just need an extra one, we can provide you with a rental so that you will never be without the equipment you need. We offer daily, weekly, and monthly rental on all of our rental equipment. Below is a list of our rental equipment. Call 337-365-2089 for the prices and availability of these tools.

RENTAL EQUIPMENT LIST                                


                                                                 Gas detectors         RKI {GX - 2003}    


                              Manrider Air Tuggers            

1,000 LB. air tugger

2,000 LB. air tugger

2,500 LB. air tugger

3,000 LB. air tugger

4,000 LB. air tugger

5,000 LB. air tugger

6,000 LB. air tugger

8,500 LB. air tugger

10,000 LB. air tugger

14,000 LB. air tugger

16,800 LB. air tugger

20,000 LB. air tugger

25,000 LB. air tugger


Air Compressors 185 CFM


      Volume Tanks

Cat Pressure washers (Diesel)

Hydraulic hole punch

Hydraulic pump electric

Hydraulic pump air foot                                                                                             


535 Rigid pipe threader & 700 Rigid pipe threaders nipple chucks            Cold cut air saw with clamps, Air Band saws & Air Recip or Tig-air saws


    1,1 1/2, 2, 3, 5 and 10 Ton chain falls,                         3/4 ton, thru 6 Ton chain come-a-longs          3/4" Impacts, 1" Impacts, 1 & 1/2" Impacts

Magnetic drills

Mathey 18"- 22" beveling machine

 Hyperthern plasma machines, up to 1" cut with hand or machine torch.

 Flux Core Welding Feeders Lincoln, Hobart & Miller

AS NOTED ABOVE. Please call to get price and availability.